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Our mission is to create cutting edge decentralized technology solutions for business and international development, including climate change mitigation.

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The "Power of the Crowd" is that group psychology that inspires a crowd of strangers to join together, all focused on one goal, whether it be achieving investment returns or helping a humanitarian cause.

We work at the intersection of strategy, creativity, and technology to help our clients either begin new or digitally reinvent their organizations. Partner with us to define your strategy, create exceptional experiences, and build your organization, by design.

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focused on providing solutions to business and international organizations...

Building connections with business, NGOs, governments and agencies to elevate economies and mitigate climate change issues such as health, education and poverty. Only roughly 20% of sub-Saharan countries have an accurate census. We're on it!

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Diligence Sessions

Either by phone, at one of our offices, or at your location, let's dig deep to find and fully explore all the actions and reactions of a proposed project to blueprint it properly.

Scoping Workshops

These sessions may require a travel committment, and they typically last 3-5 days at our Boulder, London or Dubai office. Here we fully determine the scope of your project.

Finished Project

We take over with ongoing development from Alpha to Beta releases to Customer signoff, until we handoff a finished project that more than meets and exceeds your requirements.

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Coming in 2019!

The CrowdForce Foundation intends to offer tools, mentorships and hackathons for entrepreneurs who also have a passion to create tomorrow's apps to help mitigate climate change in the 2° Studio. We focus on 4 pillars of need for climate change victims: natural disaster assistance, disease prevention, education and poverty, as all these are the results of climate change and forced migration. If your startup shares our vision to create solutions for at least one of these issues, then come get your space!

Grant funding

Get in touch for more details and possible available funding. You can also utilize our Boost ™ online app to crowdfund additional funding or fill the gap.


We're not just coders. We're an international team of industry experts, researchers, NGO specialists, and graduate students with backgrounds in climate studies, forced migration, healthcare and technology.

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